A Drop Across (trailer) 2017. In three parallel worlds, two lovers meet, lust, disappoint and drink coffee and it's time for the cycle to change. Currently in festival distribution. Distributed by Winnipeg Film Group


Short fiction. 2013.

In a dystopic future, sound technology is used to clean the air and water at the cost of the world's most gifted artists.

Premiered at Fantasia Film Festival 2014.

The Other Side. Short Experimental. 2015

It Remains Unsaid. (trailer) 

2011. Short Fiction Film. 

A hesitant 20-something, Grace's sexy dreams about her best friend Sage are forcing her to get off the fence. 

Full Film can be viewed here: http://www.bigstar.tv/movie/it-remains-unsaid-2010

Tegan and Sara Get Along: INDIA. (trailer) 2011. Short documentary following Canadian band Tegan and Sara on their first tour in India. Available via iTunes, Netflix USA. Grammy and Juno nominated.

Octaves Apart. 

Short Experimental Documentary 2006.

A poetic exploration of the measure of human perception and our next evolutionary step towards self awakening. Featuring founder of Training in Power Academy Faye Fitzgerald and teacher/author Shaughna Born.

One Wing. 2007. Short fiction.

A poetic tale about a young child’s struggle to maintain her ability to see her longtime companion, an angel with one wing, when abuse impacts her life.

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