A Toronto based filmmaker, Elinor's work has spanned the genres of short fiction, documentary and experimental. Her 2013 short science fiction film, Merus Breach, premiered at Fantasia Film festival in Montreal and in 2012 she was Juno and Grammy nominated for her short music documentary Tegan and Sara: INDIA. Her 2016 film, A Drop Across, a short experimental fiction that explores parallel realities, is currently making it's rounds on the festival circuit. 

Alongside her directorial work, Elinor has years of industry experience as a sound technician, which has given her films a unique audio-based approach. Coupled with a strong visual sensibility, her films create a poetic experience that immerses the viewer in a state or feeling. Themes of consciousness are prevalent in her work and often see the bridging two broken worlds together. Elinor derives much of her inspiration from her spirituality and work as a faculty member of the Training in Power Academy

Elinor has a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal, QC and a MFA from York University in Toronto, ON. She currently teaches filmmaking in the Bachelor of Film and Television Program at Sheridan College.

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